Motorized Blinds Pricing – Lutron QED Shades And Blinds

Lutron’s proprietary motorized shades known, as Sivoia QEDs are superb. QED stands for Quiet Electronic Drives. It’s a well-made product, which includes the shade material, bracketing components to the quiet motors and reliable controls. No other company provides such a “one in all” product. Lutron makes the motors, controls and even the wire needed for its shades.

A motorized shade comprises of: motor and its controls, brackets, wires and of course the shade itself. Most other manufacturers just outsource these components from different manufacturers, assemble these and sell it as their product. Now, that may be a smart business idea, but what about the dependability of such a product that relies on a number of producers for its making? Apart from the dependability, the overall looks and finish of such an assembled unit is not as good as that of Lutron. Generally, the shades are so located that you really don’t see much of them, but ‘finished’ look concept goes further to what Lutron is offering, as I’ll explain later. Lutron has features that no other manufacturer provides. The most important feature is that these shades are really quiet, and hence the ‘Q’ of QED. Over the years other manufacturers too developed not-so-noisy products, but those are not silent really.

The motor installed in Lutron’s QEDs also has intelligence (a microchip), which informs the control the positioning of the shade at any given time (this is called feedback). Other companies provide motors with similar facility but only in some selected applications. Apart from conveying the position of the shades, the microchip performs one more important function. It’s called ‘’intelligent hem bar alignment’. Simply put it means that the shades in case of Lutron are perfectly aligned.

Rooms that have multiple shades of different sizes, this feature provides a very ‘finished’ look. Perhaps now you can better appreciate that ‘finished look’. But, there aren’t many users who really care for a precise alignment of the shades. The competitive brands are close to that but they just remain’ close’ but don’t have IT.

For the purpose of simplicity let me give an analogy. Lutron procures and mixes right the key elements and cooks the food for its dealers. It has excellent kitchen [read assembly] facilities and experienced chefs that have proven capabilities. The company’s dealers just serve this enjoyable food to their clients. The motorized shade solutions provided by others are more like parts of the meal, which the dealer has to merge before serving the same to its customers. That makes it easy to understand that a Lutron dealer has to pay more for a pre-cooked meal and charge more for this product. Undoubtedly, if price were not a major factor most of the consumers would prefer to buy Lutron.

Lutron helps the dealers to sell better by enabling them a better presentation of the product.

Continuing with my analogy, Lutron helps their dealers by preparing and printing the menus for them. Their quotes are prepared with a custom designed software program called the Shade Configuration Tool (SCT) that has all the useful diagrams and details a customer could ever ask. The non-Lutron dealers fail to provide such solutions in such a manner to their prospects. Lutron makes available food samples that are known to tempt diners. Lutron marketing tools are outstanding, both visually appealing and informative.

Lutron delivers quality sample binders that are complete and professionally assembled. Lutron has heightened the experience of selecting a motorized shade. It has successfully narrowed down the gap for purchasing quality product. The logic behind Lutron’s unique sales approach and business model is a matter of academic discussion. I’m here to discuss only the difference of pricing. And since the price is all we want to hear about, don’t forget I tried explaining the reason why Lutron costs more. It all depends upon your budget, needs and requirements, and what are you willing to let go for the sake of acquiring what you wish to have!

There’s none denying one fundamental aspect of marketing that any product that requiring installation will fail the company if it does not have competent professionals for doing the needful. Perfect installation backed by excellent standards of customer care forms the two essential prerequisites for this business of motorized shades.

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