Motorized And Remote Controlled Blinds – What’s Available

Having a remote to control the functions of a blind is an aid to comfort ant not a necessity. It allows you to raise or lower the shades or to open and close the slats of your blinds my merely pushing a button. And, how does one operate those blinds and shades placed at difficult to reach places, for example skylights.

Before going into the details of a motorized control of window blinds or shades, let’s understand the kind of motion or movement that each kind is subjected to. Window blinds allow the control of light by their opening and closing. This motion is called tilt and can be achieved thru a motor that can be remote controlled. Likewise, window shades may be motorized to facilitate their raising or lowering by making them unroll or roll up. This kind of a motion is known as lift. In short it is possible to motorize both the movements, the slit, as well the lift, and the motor in turn can be remote controlled.

The motor incorporated in blinds or shades, for being controlled remotely, would necessarily involve the purchase of a remote control for it to function. Yes, one may often operate a number of motorized blinds or shades with the same remote control.

Depending on the desired functions that a motor may have to perform, the design of a remote control could vary. There are two different principles of operation. One uses the principle of infrared or “line of sight”, whereas the other uses transmission at radio frequencies. It becomes evident from the name itself that the latter can be used without having to point it out in the direction of the object, that is a shade or a blind in the present case.

Having understood the technicalities, these are the types of window shades available with motorized lift option: cellular shades, pleated shades, solar shades, sheer shades and pleated shades plus the woven wood blinds, more popularly called as bamboo shades. Cellular or cell shades often addressed as honeycombs are good for providing better insulation thru windows. Pleated shades though look similar to cellular do not provide the same level of insulation. Their small crisp accordion like pleats fold up rather than rolling up. Solar shades while blocking incoming light preserve views. Their level of opacity varies from three to fourteen percent, the higher this level the more is the visibility. Solar shades offer maximum protection against UV rays of the sun and also help to restrict solar heat. Sheer blinds are not too well known. These are like hybrid shades comprising two sheer fabric facings over soft fabric vanes. Sheer vertical blinds, on the other hand, have light filtering material between hanging fabric or vinyl vanes.

remote control blinds

You may have blinds with motor controlled tilt motion in these varieties: mini blinds or wood and faux wood blinds. Mini blinds are too well known and need not be described here. Wood or faux wood blinds come with real hardwood slats or vinyl slats with the appearance of real wood. These are available in different slat sizes, depending on the size of the window that needs to be covered. The thumb rule is the larger the window, the bigger the size of the slat. The slat size may vary from just1/2” for mini wood blinds to 2 ½ “ for bigger windows.

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