Are Motorized Blinds A Luxury?

The usage of remote control is not confined to only operating your electrical and electronic devices like television, DVD player and air conditioner because it can also be used for operating motorized blinds at your office or home. Using a remote control you can carry upward or downward adjustments of blinds without having to leave your seat. The motor needed for movements of blinds is located in the roller tube and is not visible to the onlooker. This is another technological development that is available at reasonable prices and you should not be hesitant or have any apprehensions of using this system for your window blinds.

If the windows in your office or home are high, motorized blinds with a remote control are your best bet for privacy and security. These can also be used in windows of media rooms. You may also have motorized blinds that have remote controlled automatic timers as an added feature. Should you decide to have automatic blinds, they come with a lot of different features. For example some are meant for just raising or lowering the blinds while others have only raise and tilt or lower and tilt features only.

You can have your kind of blinds and get them custom made to work on electric or battery operated motors. The other options include light filter, sunscreen, or blackout features. Apart from remote control, you may also have a sun-sensing timer. You may use a wall switch also for operating the automatic blind. As you can see there are a lot of features and options available but each serves a specific requirement.

There is another variety of electrically operated horizontal blinds or vertical blinds that have motors fixed in the head rail. The horizontal design has two-foot slats of aluminum. Because of the electric motor, installing motorized blinds is slightly more complex than the ones operated by batteries. If you like to do it on your own, you should follow the given instructions very carefully. Yet, it’s better to hire the services of a professional in case you decide to install motorized blinds.

Depending upon the kind of motor and the blinds that you opt to have, the price starts from $200 and goes up. In case you want to economize on the cost, you would better opt for the battery operated version. However, keep in mind that the battery operated version causes recurring expense for batteries.

It’s not difficult to imagine the benefits of having installed motorized blinds at office and home. Suppose you were writing an important memo at office or going through some interesting book at home and enjoying coffee when suddenly glare of the sun enters through the window and diverts your attention. With a remote control by your side, you don’t have to get up and adjust the blinds. You can very conveniently adjust the positioning of the blinds without having to get up from your chair. Moreover, it proves to be cost effective by controlling the sunrays that enter to warm your room.
Motorized blinds are of great help if you have an elderly person at home, as also a disabled or handicapped person affected by arthritis or gout. Motorized blinds are certainly a big relief because of the hectic lifestyle of most people. They surely add to your convenience and make life a bit more comfortable. It will be in order to conclude that motorized blinds are no more a luxury but a necessity.